Thoughts from the other side of the counter

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Don't Buy THAT Thread!

     We know you’ve heard it. “That” phrase. You walk into your local sewing dealer, discuss thread brands, and at some point an employee comments, “Don’t use that thread. It’s not good.” We’ve all heard this at least once, maybe twice, maybe much more than we care to admit. And customers ask the question, “Why?” Sometimes to us, to friends, to quilt class or retreat members, online forums and the like.

     Before I answer this, consider this interesting perspective. Ask 10 owners of the same machine about which thread is best and you might get 10 different answers! What’s up with that? How can a sewist, embroiderer, or quilter ever know what thread is a GOOD thread when there is no common answer?  Getting back to the dealer experience, a few thoughts may enter the customer’s head:
  • “Maybe the dealer doesn’t know what they’re talking about because that thread works just fine for me.” OR…
  • This store just wants to sell the thread they carry. They’re only in it for the bucks. After all, I can get 100 spools on Amazon for $40!
  • I’m so confused! There are too many thread companies. Am I ever going to get this right?
     I hear you. Really I do. I’ve been in your shoes, the customer’s shoes, long before wearing my employee hat. Now I’m on the other side of the counter. As employees, we see, hear, and experience things that affect our recommendations for customers. First off, let’s address those 100 spools for $40 at Amazon and why, personally (wearing my user and NOT my employee hat), my choice would be to avoid the $40/100 spools like the plague. Why? I don’t know which company made the thread. You may ask, “Does it really matter?"  Well, we think so at the store. Here are a few stories for you…