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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Janome introduces a Top Machine Pick for 2016!

It’s here!  It’s at the store...we have a new Skyline S9 on our showroom floor. 
  As always, we’re ready for new machines, and when I saw this beauty on the floor, checking it out was a must.  It takes a lot for me to be impressed, and the S9 has my seal of impressive approval.  We've even made a video highlighting a few of it's great features!


     The Janome S9 is a sewing and embroidery combo machine.  On the sewing side, it has plenty of features we demanding sewists and quilters want.
  •  A 9mm with a whopping 300 built-in stitches and 3 alphabet fontsAn easy set-bobbin and pop-out stitch plates (NO MORE SCREWDRIVERS!)
  • Acufeed Flex fabric layering system
  •  Auto presser foot lift, yeah, that “hover” function.
  •   Stitch tapering, memory, and much more!

Now let’s look at embroidery!  This is the most exciting part of this machine.  Really, it’s about an industry first.  No other midline machine has a “camera” feature capability to obtain perfect placement of embroidery designs on hooped projects.  To have that capability, we had to look at the top-of-the-line Janome 15000 or a Brother Dream machine.  Imagine how happy I was to find a budget-friendly combo machine with this incredibly high-end feature!  Plenty of brands have great sewing/embroidery combo midline machines, but Janome is the ONLY one to use an iPad “camera” capability using the FREE Janome Acusetter app found in the App store. 

     What???  You think it might be hard to learn?  Don’t worry.  It’s actually pretty easy, and Pocono Sew and Vac made a video last spring to show our customers and the world how to use the embroidery portion of the machine with the Acusetter app. 

 Amazing is the word to describe it.  Easy is the word on how to use it.  Free is the word we all like to hear.  If you are not familiar with this iPad app, be sure to check it out on our instructional Acusetter video.

What else makes this machine so special?

How about free-arm embroidery!  The machine standard accessories include 3 hoop sizes (6.7X7.9, 5.5X5.5, 3.9X1.6) and allows for easy embroidery of tubular items.  Put a pretty design on tubular items without all the hassle of taping and clipping away the project from the embroidery area.  Eliminate a lot of the seam ripping of seams to position an embroidery design just right.  That awesome free-arm capability found on the 12000, 14000, and 15000 can now be found on the S9.

In addition, Janome has listened to you!  That popular “hover” aka pivot feature found on other brands is found on the Skyline S9.  This the perfect feature for garment sewists and quilters stitching machine applique.  Stop reaching for the presser foot lifter or knee lifter.  One touch of an icon and your foot will lift automatically for you when you stop sewing.  You will be not only hands free, but knee free as well.

Here’s another feature on this machine that is sure to please:  The Skyline S9 is cutwork enabled.  What is cutwork?  Think of it as a needlework technique in which embroidered designs features areas completely cut out of the fabric, the edges reinforced, and the holes that remain are filled in with embroidery lace-like stitches.  Check out this exquisite cutwork example: 
Image Source:  Janome

I was “sew” excited about this new machine, and a new video about it was a must-do task.  It is budget friendly and incorporates a slew of high-end features on this great, new midline.  Stop by our store when you get the chance and check out the Skyline S9 and other Janome machines new for 2016. 

     Leaving you with my verdict:  The Skyline S9 is one of the top machine picks for the Fall of 2016!

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